17.ICCCR 2022 Important info - Ladies and gentlemen,
Dear All, registrations via our website (icccr 2022.pl) & bank payments will be available till 31.05.2022. This is due to know, more or less, how many of you will particpate in 17.ICCCR & to prepare necessary infrastructure for you.

1. The Meeting will be held in a protected area. The organizers and local authorities ensure the safe conduct of the event.
2. In Poland, the restrictions on COVID-19 are no longer in force, but the organizers will provide security measures (disinfectant liquid and masks), we leave it to your decision.
3. In addition to the Meeting town, there is a camping in Torun, 1500 m from the city center and you can use it both before and after the Meeting.
4. From the Meeting town there is easy access to the center of Torun by public transport, bicycles and city scooters.
5. The Meeting campsite will have sanitary facilities (toilets and showers) with hot water available 24 hours a day.
6. In addition to numerous attractions in the Meeting town, there will be a lot of accompanying events in the city center.
7. As part of the Meeting town, there is a professional rallycross and car racing track. During the rally, you will be able to try your abilities and your car with professional timing.
8. The real attraction of the rally will be the possibility of tourist flights by plane over the Meeting town and Torun.

If you are unable to arrive by car, please see the information below:
1. Nearby airports: Bydgoszcz - 50 km from Torun, Gdansk - 150 km from Torun, Warsaw - 250 km from Torun.
2. Torun is connected by bus and train connections with all cities in Poland and Europe.
3. If you want to find a connection from your town, we recommend links to the websites:
Chopin airport in Warsaw
Gdansk airport Lech Walesa
Bydgoszcz airport
Passenger Area of the Polish State Railways
FlixBus: Cheap European Bus Trips
Sinbad: International Coach Transport

Accommodation (with extras) & tourist attractions. You are welcome to cooperate with us!
Look forward to seeing you all in Torun!!! www.copernicana.pl , e-mail: biuro@copernicana.pl
Hotels in Torun
Imagine it is 1900 and you are in Poland visiting the relatives of your wife. Whilst there you come across these gears made of wood and begin to imagine making them out of steel. Well this is what happened to Andre Citro├źn, causing him to buy the patent from the Polish owners. So began the story of the legendary double chevrons.


27th National Rally of 2CV Clubs in Saint-Dizier 2022

We will be pleased to meet good friends from the 2015 Citroen 2CV World Rally in Torun and promote the flagship Citroen event, which is the 17th International Citroen Clubs Rally (ICCCR) 2022, which will be held in Torun. The 17th ICCCR will be available for the last time.

Citro-Classica April 29 - May 1, 2022 The Netherlands

We will promote Torun and the 17th ICCCR 2022 for the first time during Citro-Classica. By participating in the Dutch Citroen Rally, you will not only be able to admire the classics of Torun and exchange experiences. It will also be an opportunity for personal registration at the 17th ICCCR 2022 in Torun.

Techno Classica Essen 2022

ICCCR 2022, Torun and Kujawsko-Pomorskie had their honorable place at the ACI and Citroen booth during this year's fair. To feel such an atmosphere, you need a once in a lifetime to visitthis kind of event. It was wonderfull.

A visit to the Retromobile 2022 fair in Paris

We are again glad that we can promote ICCCR 2022, Torun and Kujawsko-Pomorskie during the Retromobile fair, which, due to the pandemic, did not take place for 2 years, almost nothing has changed, nice atmosphere, wonderful people and their cars.

New Year's greetings from ACI and the Toruń Automobile Club

We hope that 2022 will allow us to meet again, nationally and internationally, around the world. The World Citro├źn Enthusiast 17 ICCCR Meeting in Toru┼ä 2022 is certainly one of the highlights of our program. We are waiting for all of you. More

Classic Gala Schwetzingen 2021

We have come to beautiful Schwetzingen again. The stand of the 17th Citroen ICCCR 2022 Rally, Toruń and Kujawsko-Pomorskie, was located at one of the main avenues. Well, as always, it was wonderful. This year it was not Citroen that won, but the Renault NN 6CV Torpedo from Inowrocław, Kujawsko-Pomorskie.

StarDrive Katowice2021

This year we could not miss the next StarDrive in September. What a beautiful event, rally, elegance contest, it just happened. The stand of the 17th Citroen ICCCR 2022 Rally is always beautiful among vintage cars. The car from Toruń won the main prize in its category.

Old Timer Metting Baden Baden 2021

Due to COVID-19, we were not able to visit Baden Baden last year. We have been looking forward to this event this year. As usual, we promoted the 17th Citroen Rally ICCCR2022. The meeting ended with a nice surprise, the car from Toruń was awarded the main prize. Congratulations.

On June 8, 2021, we met with the Honorary Consul of France in Poland

We discussed cooperation issues with Alain Mompert during the event and we look forward to meeting the owners of Citroen in Toruń next year.