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Imagine it is 1900 and you are in Poland visiting the relatives of your wife. Whilst there you come across these gears made of wood and begin to imagine making them out of steel. Well this is what happened to Andre Citroën, causing him to buy the patent from the Polish owners. So began the story of the legendary double chevrons.


Classic Gala Schwetzingen 2020

Every year, at the beginning of September, the Toruń Automobile Club participates in this wonderful event organized in the complex of the historic palace in Schwetzingen. This year we actively promoted the 17th Citroen Rally ICCCR2022. Citroen was the winner of several awards, congratulations.

Oldtimer Meeting Toruń 2020

On February 22 and 23, Automobilklub Toruński and its enthusiasts of vintage cars had the pleasure to participate in this wonderful automotive celebration. The fun was great, there were costumes from different eras and of course wonderful vintage cars.